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The CSSA Fanciers Inc (the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association) considers these as guidelines for ethical dog-related practices in the areas of breeding, buying, selling and exhibiting the Shetland Sheepdog. Membership in this Association assumes a responsibility above and beyond the requirements set out in the By-Laws and Code of Ethics. 

  1. Members shall promote friendship and cooperation among breeders, owners, and exhibitors of Shetland Sheepdogs and assist them for the benefit of the breed.

  2. Members shall not speak on behalf of the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association unless granted permission by its Executive. 

  3. Members shall strive to educate, or direct toward resources that can educate, any novice owner who wishes to become involved with breeding and/or showing of the breed. 

  4. Members shall be familiar with and agree to abide by all Canadian Kennel Club rules and regulations including registration of litters, individual dogs, transfers of ownership and maintenance of accurate records of breeding, pedigrees, and sales.

  5. Members shall not sell or supply any dogs or stud services/brood matrons to pet stores, wholesalers, raffles, lotteries, auctions, flea markets, laboratories (unless sanctioned by the CSSA) or as give-away prizes. 

  6. Members shall not place their own dogs using a Rescue Service.

  7. Members shall provide adequate shelter, nutrition, socialization, veterinary care and exercise for their dogs. They shall also make sure that their dogs are maintained in a safe and sanitary environment. 

  8. Members shall word advertisements so as not to be misleading or misrepresent themselves or their dogs. 

  9. The overall objective of a member's breeding program shall be to meet the Canadian Kennel Club's standard for the Shetland Sheepdog, and to produce happy, healthy puppies with good temperaments, whether for pet, performance or show. Whenever possible, all breeding stock shall be screened prior to breeding for genetic disorders commonly found in the breed. 

  10. Breeders shall consider the age, health, and length of time from the bitch's last litter before they breed and shall determine if there is adequate time available to properly socialize new puppies. No bitch should be bred before she has reached twelve months of age, and at breeders discretion not after her eighth birthday,

  11. Breeders shall do their best to see that any dog discharged from their care will go to a home that will adequately provide for the health and welfare for the dog, and shall be discriminating in the placement of breeding stock.

  12. All contracts, agreements, and guarantees shall be in writing and include all terms agreed upon by the parties at the time of signing. When placing a pet quality dog, a Non-Breeding Agreement should be used. All terms of any signed agreement, contract, or guarantee shall be honored in full. 

  13. Breeders shall provide purchasers with written details as to the care and welfare of the dog. Permanent identification of dogs, a record of vaccination and a litter pedigree shall accompany each dog before it leaves the premises. It is recommended that puppies shall not be placed before 8 weeks of age, and until having initial immunization. 

  14. Members shall accept full responsibility for their breeding practices and shall take back any of their dogs whose owner can no longer care for the dog, or shall assist in re-homing said dog, or shall provide financial support to a CSSA recognized Rescue Organization.

  15. Failure to abide by this Code of Ethics, and upon proof of such failure, shall result in immediate suspension of CSSA privileges and/or possible termination of membership.  
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