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If you are searching for a member/breeder, please contact the regional director for your area.

Membership Categories

Payment of Dues

  • Membership fees are due Dec 31 of each year. Non-payment of dues will require payment of a late penalty of $10.00 if dues are not received before February 28. Payment must be received by the Membership Chair. ( Do not send to other members or executive) Please be advised according to our Constitution that if Membership is not renewed within 60 days from the beginning of the fiscal year (ie Jan 1) membership will be considered as lapsed and may be automatically terminated.
  • Applicants approved in the last three months of the year shall apply their membership dues to the following year.
Membership Category Annual  Dues  
1. Regular and Associate $35.00  
2. Foreign $35.00
(U.S. Funds)
email Treasurer for Invoice

3. Club Affiliate $40.00  
4. Junior $30.00  
5. Joint $55.00  
6. Joint Foreign   email Treasurer for Invoice
7. Lifetime No fees due.  
8. Honorary No fees due.  
9. Application Fee
(Canadian Funds) - new member/lapsed membership application
10. Application Fee Foreign
(U.S. Funds) - new member/lapsed membership application
$20.00 email Treasurer for Invoice
11. Late Fee
(Canadian Funds)
$10.00 email Treasurer for Invoice
12. Late Fee Foreign
(U.S. Funds)
$10.00 email Treasurer for Invoice

  • Note: Two sponsors are required for all applications. If you are unable to fulfill the sponsorship requirement; forward your application along with a letter outlining the difficulty to the Membership Secretary.
  • Applications may be obtained by contacting Jeanne Bartosh, Membership Secretary.  
  • All initial applications and Renewal forms must also include a signed copy of the Code Of Ethics (PDF).

Membership Renewal form 2019 (Word) NEW

Member Application form 2019 NEW

Code Of Ethics form (PDF)